Ayame Hatonami (鳩波 彩愛, Hatonami Ayame) is a former police officer whom Sensui and the others met on their journey. She has lost her mother in Gibia commotion. She wants to arrest her father, who had been incarcerated for crimes but escaped from prison now.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Ayame is a young woman with short pink hair and multiple scars all over her body. She wears a police uniform and a blue lipstick.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Plot[edit | edit source]

Inside a tunnel, she sees Kathleen Funada being attacked by Gibia and she kills it, saving Kathleen. She introduces herself and goes to help the rest of Sensui's group who are fighting Gibia. Impressed by her skills, the group invite her to join them and she accepts.

That evening they go to a hot spring, where Ayame reveals that her mother was killed by a Gibia and that her father is an yakuza, but she doesn't know where he is. She planned to arrest him herself, but he caused an incident and was send into prison.

The Galients find them and try forcing them to stop the camper and Ayame sees her father inside. Moments later they get attacked by a Meteora and while Ayame wanted to arrest her father, she is okay if he ends up dying from the Gibia. Yurika questions her if she is really okay with that, as he is still her father and Kathleen explains she is jealous that she still has a father. Ayame then recalls how her mother was stung and she had to kill her before she transforms. She decides to go out and fight, and drives a car into the Meteora, causing it to fall into the river and be carried down the stream.

Ayame then confronts her father, asking if he isn't ashamed to be attacking and stealing from people, while Gibia are around. She tells him her mother is dead and if he has to fight someone, it must be the Gibia to get revenge. As there is no point in arresting them, and as she don't want to kill them, she tells them to leave and never show his face to her again.

Powers & Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ayame had learned to use martial arts from the other of a chinese restaurant. She is skilled with using tonfas and variety of guns.

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