Spirited Away (神隠し, Kamikakushi) is the 1st episode of Gibiate anime series.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Tokyo, 2030. A pandemic called Gibiate, which transforms all regardless of age, sex, or race into monsters known as Gibia, has spread throughout the world. This is the age that the samurai, Sensui Kanzaki, and the shinobi, Kenroku Sanada, find themselves in after traveling through time from the Edo era to meet the Doctor and his assistant, Kathleen Funada. What future lies in store for Sensui and Kenroku as they face these monsters for the first time?

Summary[edit | edit source]

Kathleen records a video message, wanting to leave a proof that she existed. She explains its 2030 and how a disease broke out in Venice that turns people to monsters and in two years it devastated the world.

In 1600, on a stormy night, on a boat, Sensui Kanzaki and Kenroku Sanada are getting exiled. Kenroku recognizes Sensui and wonders why he is getting exiled. Sensui recalls how his master asked him to take the blame for him and that after some time he will arrange his return. Sensui then wonders about Kenroku exile and Kenroku explains he settled with a nice woman, but got caught killing a magistrate. To their surprise, a light comes out of the sea, which becomes violent and flips their boat.

Sensui and Kenroku wake up in a ruined Tokyo in 2030 and can't believe humans managed to build such buildings. While they walk around, they see a man, but he turns into a monster. They grab what they find to fight it, but it has no effect on it. Kathleen and Maeda then shows up and Kathleen tasers the monster, knocking him out and takes a blood sample from it. She takes Sensui and Kenroku with them and while heading back, Sensui and Kenroku explain they are from Edo. Hearing that Kathleen realize they are samurai and explains this is Edo in the future, but a disease spread two years ago and everyone turned into monsters. Seeing that Sensui doesn't have his sword and that he is strong, Maeda explains he has a sword in his house and leaves Kathleen to drive, while he heads towards his home to take it.

They reach the camp, where people stare at them for their unusual clothing. After greeting her mother, Kathleen takes them to Dr. Yoshinaga who is with Adam, who can't believe they are samurai and warns Kathleen to watch them to not steal anything. Yoshinaga introduces himself explaining that he is researching Gibiate, the disease that turns people into monster and since that exist, he believe their time traveling story. Yoshinaga them explains the virus and how the Gibia sting people to spread it. He comments they are trying to find a cure and Kathleen handles him the blood sample she took earlier. As it turns dark, they turn the camp lights with Yoshinaga explaining that Gibia dislike the light. Meanwhile, Maeda reaches his home and finds his sword.

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