Evil vs Bushido (悪 対 武士道, Aku tai Bushidō) is the 5th episode of Gibiate anime series.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Sensui, Kenroku, Yukinojyo, and Adam manage to escape after being attacked by a huge horde of Gibia. They decided to take a break while on the move, only to be attacked by five men calling themselves the Galients! Do they have fight other humans now on top of the Gibia?!

Summary[edit | edit source]

Yukinojyo introduces himself in front of the camera, stating that he has been training as warrior monk since young age and have never been with a woman, but his dream is to have a family. Being in this world, he feels that dream may come true as Kathleen assures him it will happen.

Yukinojyo and Kenroku start fighting the incoming Gibia. Adam goes out and heads towards the incoming lizard Gibia. Looking at him Kenroku recalls how he got stung in the previous battle. Adam's transformation starts and as he reaches the lizards, he blows himself up using C4, causing the bridge to collapse, along with the Gibia. Thanks to Adam's sacrifice, they manage to escape.

Yurika helps sew Yukinojyo clothes. Seeing him blushing, Kenroku jokes if he is falling for her. Yukinojyo recalls how he wants to have a family and his time with Douzan. While Nobunaga was trying to unify Japan, he asked Kennyo, the Buddhist leader to stop supplying the enemies and that led to the warrior monks going in battle, managing to take over Nagashima Castle in 1570, forcing Nobunaga to withdraw from it. Four years later, Nobunaga returns with 80,000 men, siege the castle and driving them to starvation. The people decided to surrender, however Nobunaga rained gunfire on anyone who tried to leave the castle and later burned it to the ground with the 20,000 civilians inside. Yukinojyo and Douzan manage to escape, whoever Douzan soon dies from his wounds. Yukinojyo takes his spiked club and continues to fight the soldiers that chase them. As he steps on a puddle, the club and the puddle starts glowing and he is send into the future. Back at present, Kenroku tells Yukinojyo to get hooked with Yurika and that way, he will both have a wife and a child, which makes Yukinojyo blush more, but comments thats rude to Yurika.

While taking a break, group of men capture Kathleen. They introduce themselves as Galients and explain they are escaped convicts and they demand the group to give them all their food. Sensui is surprised to see human still oppressing other humans in this world. Kathleen states that Sensui is a real samurai and they don't stand a chance. Hearing that, their boss Renjiro Hatonami decides to take him on, but using the blunt side of his sword, Sensui easily beats him, explaining that he no longer wants to kill people. As their boss is defeated, the Galients take him and leave.

Sensui's group continues but reaches a tunnel they need to pass. Dr. Yoshinaga guesses it may be filled with Gibia, but they have no choice. Entering the tunnel, they see its indeed filled with Gibia and Sensui, Kenroku and Yukinojyo come out to fight them. Yoshinaga prepares some hand grenades, stating they need to block up the blocking cars in order to continue and Kathleen decides to do it. She manages to blow up the cars, but while returning to the camper, she trips and a Gibia prepares to sting her.

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