Gibia (ジビエー, Jibiē) are the monsters who get infected by the Gibiate (ジビエート, Jibiēto) virus. The disease transforms people into animal-like things.

Once infected by Gibia's venom, the cells in the body begin to replicate abnormally, altering the human chromosomes and causing metamorphosis into a monstrous form. The transformation varies based on age, race and sex.

When stung, you will usually turn into a monster in five hours. While infected, you constantly hear the sound of dipping water. If the Gibia had used their stinger, the venom won't build up again for roughly 24 hours, allowing one to be stung and not infected during that time. However, since they are driven by strong impulse to spread, if it fails to infect a person, it will likely keep stinging him in attempt to infect him until he dies from the stings.

Origin[edit | edit source]

On a different planet, if you drink the blood of the god, Soma, you will gain special powers, however anyone incompatible with it will become a failure, a monster. Meteora's father was conducting research to create artificial Soma to replace the god's blood. Dr. Yoshinaga was his apprentice and Meteora's fiance. One day, Meteora mistakenly imbibed the artificial Soma and they had to put her in a cryo-capsule and began searching for a treatment. Around the same time, the ruler of that planet dies, which causes chaotic fighting over Soma's blood. Yoshinaga collected blood samples from the failures and fled the planet. However, he flew too close to the Sun and his spaceship was damaged, separating Meteora's cryo-capsule from the ship. The vessel with Meteora and the blood samples fell down in Europe, where Meteora had turned into a complete failure.

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