Kathleen Funada (船田 キャスリーン, Funada Kyasurīn) is Dr. Yoshinaga's assistant. An optimistic half-blood girl, not good at fighting. But she manages to save Sensui and Kenroku as they have just arrived at the modern world.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Kathleen is a young girl with long blond hair and red eyes. She wears a red-pink sleeveless top, short green skirt with big red-white belt and red boots.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Plot[edit | edit source]

Kathleen records a video explaining she wants to leave a proof that she existed. In the video she explains its 2030, two years after a disease appeared that turns people into monsters and had devastated the world.

While patrolling with Maeda, she sees a Gibia and tasers it, saving Sensui Kanzaki and Kenroku Sanada. She takes a blood sample from the Gibia and takes Sensui and Kenroku with them. They explain they are from Edo, which makes Kathleen realize they are samurai and explains this is the future Edo and that a disease had appeared that turns people into monsters.

Reaching the camp, she introduces them to her mother, Yurika Funada, who immediately believes they are samurai and ninja. While the other people give strange looks, Kenroku wonders why Yurika didn't react like them. Kathleen explains its because her mother is mentally ill and she can't distinguish people from Gibia. Kathleen then takes Sensui and Kenroku to Dr. Yoshinaga, who tells them about Gibia and Gibiate.

Kathleen request to fight Sensui at kendo, to confirm how strong he is. He accepts and easily dodges her attacks and defeat her, explaining that he doesn't clash swords as it dulls the blade. Impressed by his skill, she helps Sensui and Kenroku wear a more fashionable clothes. A bit later, the lights in the camp go out and Gibia start to attack. Yoshinaga tells her to go to her mother. Reaching her, she sees a Gibia and tasers it, but soon are surrounded by more Gibia and Adam and Brian come to help them as Sensui had previously just helped them. She then returns to Yoshinaga, where she sees Sensui fighting Gibia and is impressed at how strong he is.

Powers & Abilities[edit | edit source]

Kathleen uses a taser as Dr. Yoshinaga had though her that Gibia have no electricity resistance.

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