Kenroku Sanada (真田 兼六, Sanada Kenroku) is a ninja who travelled from the early Edo period with Sensui. A blood relative to Sanada Family, the Sengoku-daimyo of Shinano Domain. He is cheerful and energetic, fighting against Gibias with his bombs.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Kenroku is a young adult with short blue hair (originally black) with long bangs and tail. He wears some traditional clothes mixed with modern vest and sneakers.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Plot[edit | edit source]

In 1600, Kenroku settles down with a nice woman, but then kills an evil magistrate for which he is sentenced to exile. While on a boat getting exiled, he recognizes Sensui Kanzaki and wonders why he got exiled too. After Sensui explains, a light appears from the sea and the sea turns violent, flipping their boat.

Sensui and Kenroku then wake up in Tokyo, 2030, and are unable to believe what they see. While looking around, they see a man, but he turns into a monster. Sensui takes a pipe to fight it, however the pipe breaks after he hits the monster. Kenroku then attacks with a fire extinguisher, but it has no effect. Kathleen Funada comes and tasers the monster, saving them. She takes them with her and Maeda and they head into their camp. On their way, she gives them food and realizes they are samurai and explains this is Edo from the future. Learning that everyone is infected and turned into a monster, Sensui and Kenroku wonder for what they have fought, but Kathleen explains she and others are still alive.

Arriving at the camp, Kathleen leads them to Dr. Yoshinaga, who explains Gibia and their behavior and how you turn after being stung.

After Kathleen confirms how strong Sensui is and that Kenroku is evenly matched, she helps them dress more fashionable, but Kenroku is shocked to see his hair turning blue. Kathleen explains he looks cool and people will recognize him from distance. He starts liking his vision, but mumbles that if a ninja stands out, its done for. After visiting Yurika and learning about Jouzen Matsumoto, Kenroku tells Kathleen that Jouzen was Sensui's master.

As the lights in the camp go out and Gibia start attacking, Yoshinaga asks Kenroku to come with him to the defense team. Yoshinaga comes with the idea of burning the tents in hopes to generate enough light to chase the Gibia. While doing so, Kenroku sees wires and takes them to kill a Gibia. He then finds grenades and help Sensui defeat a sturdy Gibia. Yoshinaga is surprised how good he handled the grenades and Kenroku explains he is a quick learner and likes western tools.

Powers & Abilities[edit | edit source]

Kenroku is a fast learned and loves western tools. From his years as a ninja, he is skilled with kunai's and uses string for assassinations. His friend Shion, had taught him to to use a kusarigana (sickle and weight on a chain). He posses speed, which allows him to avoid most attacks.

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