Sensui Kanzaki (神崎 千水, Kanzaki Sensui) is a samurai who traveled from the early Edo period. As known as ‘Senningiri’ (thousand men slasher), he has cut down numerous enemies during the Sengoku period with his twin swords of Japanese katana and Western sword. However, he, makes himself a commandment against killing now.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Sensui is a young adult with medium long messy black hair with a long tail. He wears a black top clothing similar to clothing from his time and gray long pants with black boots. He wears fingerless gloves and wields a katana and western sword.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Plot[edit | edit source]

After the Sekigahara, 1600, Sensui's master asks him to take the blame for him and as a result he will be exiled, but later he will manage to revert his exile. While leaving Edo on a boat, he meets Kenroku Sanada, who is also getting exiled. A light appears from the sea and the sea turns violent, flipping their boat.

Sensui and Kenroku then wake up in Tokyo, 2030, and are unable to believe what they see. While looking around, they see a man, but he turns into a monster. Sensui takes a pipe to fight it, however the pipe breaks after he hits the monster. Kathleen Funada comes and tasers the monster, saving them. She takes them with her and Maeda and they head into their camp. On their way, she gives them food and realizes they are samurai and explains this is Edo from the future. Learning that everyone is infected and turned into a monster, Sensui and Kenroku wonder for what they have fought, but Kathleen explains she and others are still alive. As Maeda realizes Sensui is missing his sword, he leaves the group and heads home to take his sword and give it to Sensui.

Arriving at the camp, Kathleen leads them to Dr. Yoshinaga, who explains Gibia and their behavior and how you turn after being stung. Sensui shows he got hit, but not stung and Yoshinaga asks him if he hears dripping water as that's a symptom while turning and Sensui denies it.

Kathleen challenges him at kendo, to see how strong he is. He honors her request and easily dodges her attacks and defeats her, commenting that he doesn't clash swords as it dulls the blade. Impressed by his skill, she helps him and Kenroku dress more fashionable. They visit Yurika Funada, and Sensui asks what happened to Jougen Matsumoto and Yurika explains that he kept betraying people until he was ultimately beheaded. Sensui is shaken that he wasn't there for his master and wonders why he had fought that much for all to end like this. He then sees Maeda returning with a katana, however the lights go out and a Gibia attacks and stabs Maeda. Sensui manages to catch up and take the katana and kill the Gibia. He then proceeds and starts fighting the incoming Gibia, helping as many people as he can. As the morning comes, Maeda is about to turn, but comment how strong Sensui is and asks him to kill him, before he turns into Gibia, and Sensui honors his wish.

Powers & Abilities[edit | edit source]

Sensui is expert swordsman having cut down numerous men during the Sengoku period, earning him the name of "Senningiri" (Thousand Men Slasher). He is able to fight freely using one or two swords, but is usually a dual wielder. His katana is given by his barbarian master and is named Suigetsumaru, while his western sword is named Halbert, named after his master.

When he was young, he was taken by a western swordsman, who taught him everything. At the age of 15, he was taken by his current master, Jouzen Matsumoto, and practiced at the Nen-ryuu dojo.

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